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An inspection of a parcel of land by a land surveyor to ascertain whether, in the surveyor’s opinion, the location, approximate dimensions, and improvements on the property reasonably contour with the legal description provided to the surveyor. A mortgage inspection is intended for use by a mortgage lender or title insurer to facilitate the sale or purchase of a property. It is not considered a boundary survey and no monuments (stakes) are set by the surveyor.
A survey that establishes or re-establishes and monuments the boundaries of a parcel of land based on the title or deed description provided to the surveyor. A drawing called a plat of survey shows the results of the survey.
A specialized boundary survey that meets the specific needs for land title insurance purposes. It has to meet the minimum precision and detail requirements established jointly by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).
A survey of a parcel of land to locate the physical features on it, including natural features, such as trees and streams, and man-made features, such as buildings or roads. A topographic survey may also include vertical information with the relative heights of the ground and other identified features. A topographic survey by itself is not a boundary survey, but may be combined with a boundary survey to provide the location of property lines. A topographic survey is usually used for engineering studies or construction planning. A topographic survey is the most detailed survey.
A boundary survey that either divides a larger parcel of land into smaller parcels or consolidates several small parcels into a larger parcel. New title lines within the overall land under consideration are established and monumented. A plat of subdivision showing the revised delineation of the property is prepared. The subdivision is a legal process governed by various state and local statutes and policies.
Construction layout technicians (construction surveyors) are issued building plans and use surveying instruments to establish stakes at a construction site that give locations and elevations of various parts of a construction project to guide the contractor in the building or vertical structure.
As-built surveys of various parts of a construction project by construction layout technicians verify that the location or elevation of the completed work is in conformance (known as quality assurance surveys).
A specialized boundary survey that involves measuring the finished interior spaces of a property for condominium use. The interior spaces are surveyed both horizontally and vertically for use in preparing drawings and legal descriptions for the project.