Professional Associated Construction Layout & Survey Co., Inc.

Damage Control


We have over 30 years experience in working with the City of Chicago in maintaining damage control.

The City of Chicago Department of Transportation Office of Underground Coordination maintains a program of damage control on many construction projects to protect underground utility and surface structures adjoining construction sites. This program often requires establishment of settlement and lateral control points in order to detect any movement (vertically or laterally) on the neighboring underground utility and surface structures. These requirements are issued by the Department of Transportation as part of its granting a deep foundation permit.


Professionals Associated has over 30 years of experience in implementing this program on construction projects. Our services include establishing settlement and lateral control points and providing readings of these established points to the contractor or owner and to the City of Chicago to fulfill the damage control requirements.

This service is available for properties outside the city of Chicago as well. For more information regarding these services, please contact our office.